With several years in the market and an installed capacity machinery it includes the latest technology, JJ METALES SAC offers the industrial market a portfolio of services to meet various needs like:

  1. Development of an industrial product or project. – Design software to move from paper or electronic format to the finished part.
  2. Products assembly kit. – Volume production of metal parts and accessories for equipment and systems ready to arm.

Our team of professionals extensive knowledge and engineering expertise is available to advise on their business projects efficiently and seriousness that characterizes us.

Service CNC Punching or Cutting

Punching and geometric cuts. Process on stainless steel products, and LAF (Laminate Iron) They are requiring irregular shapes as engravings and special perforations.


Service CNC Laser Cutting

Products made with laser technology
Internal components of special purpose equipment for trucks, construction machines, agricultural machinery are manufactured from sheet metal processes requiring precision and quality finishes for proper assembly in the assembly equipment, etc.

Cutting and bending all metals: Iron, stainless steel, surgical steel, aluminum.


Service CNC Plicate or Fold

Folding or bending a metal forming process in which there is no material separation performing a plastic deformation to shape around an angle of the material. It is a forming operation or preformed in the forming process taking place in the workpiece machining, these forming processes metals comprise a wide range of manufacturing processes, in which plastic deformation is used to change the shapes of the metal parts.