JJ METALES SAC is a leader in technology with high-end machines in the metallurgical industry, designing new proposals for market:

  • Service CNC Plicate or Fold.
  • CNC Laser Cutting Service.
  • Service CNC punching or stamping.

More than 13 years in the heading of metallurgical industry, JJ Metales SAC was created to serve and meet the needs of our customers with innovative solutions for the manufacturing process of completion of the service provided. Technical expertise and our modern technology as a support for the manufacture and production of metal products, It has allowed us to offer the industrial market a portfolio of services with features like: Efficiency, quality and accuracy.




Attending industrial market metal processing solutions to improve their manufacturing processes, the quality of their products, and realize their ideas to deliver to market new and competitive products in the shortest time possible.



Offer the industrial market platform engineering and metal processing solutions and international quality standards.